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What Makes Us Different

Every month we pledge to give 5% of our total revenue to a local charity

Eco Clean is different to traditional dry cleaners, not only because of the environmentally friendly cleaning process but the money we give back to charities. One of the main drives of Eco Clean as a company is giving back to the community; the bigger the company gets the more we can donate to the different charities we work with. Will this mean that your services are more expensive? No we give to charity without compromising on the cost and quality of our services.

Since establishment Eco Clean has given a portion of the income to local charities, helping the charities in our area to grow and succeed.

We use 100% Reusable Bags – Eco Bags

All the bags we use are completely reusable which means that you can use them to carry your clean or dirty laundry. Eco bags are great because you can use them over and over again and you can wash them if needed.

At Ecoclean we give every customer a free eco bag when they sign up with us, this is one of the things we do to help the environment.

We give free delivery to help with petrol consumption

By giving our free delivery it helps reduce the gas consumption because you don’t have to travel to collect your laundry. All your laundry is done for you and delivered right to your door using are delivery vans which use 75%
less fuel and causes less air pollution.

Our free delivery also reduces the stress and hassle that you may have about your laundry being ready and in the right place at the right time. So it is a no-brainier, we are helping the earth and at the same time we are helping you!

Woman Hanging Clothing

What we dry clean…

Wedding dresses
Boots and other types of shoes
Bed sheets
Bed skirting
Sleeping beds
Pet beds
Evening gowns
Table cloths
Acrylic fabric
Silk items
Wool Items