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6 Of The Best Natural Stain Remover Remedies

Everyone knows how painful it is when you spoil one of your favourite tops or trousers with a stain. Sometimes they just won’t budge and harsh chemicals aren’t always the best option, so what are the best natural stain removing remedies?

Can I Remove Stains With Products I Have At Home?

Yes you can! Your cupboards and drawers are full of stain stomping products that you most likely didn’t even know you had.

And that’s what this article is about, how you can remove tough stains organically without using harsh chemical cleaning products. Here are some of the best natural stain removing remedies we found.

#1 Baking Soda

Baking soda has many uses but works superbly at cutting through and removing tough stains, Baking Soda is a mild alkaline so it is able to cut through strong stains like grease, oil, gravy and even stains such as vomit and faeces.

Baking Soda can also be made into a paste if a little amount of water is added, making it perfect to scrub walls to get rid of things like crayon marks without damaging your walls or using any harsh ingredients that could take off the paint.

Baking Soda In Washing Machine

#2 White Vinegar

White Vinegar removes almost any stain you can think of and is the perfect alternative to using chemical based products. However, it is acid based so should be used on certain surfaces with care, if this natural remedy doesn’t seem like it would work for you then why not use a more eco-friendly method? Wet cleaning is an eco-friendly alternative to dry cleaning in Milton Keynes. When mixed with water, Vinegar is perfect for scrubbing off tough and bright stains, for example; to remove any tomato based stains all you need is some dishwasher detergent, an ice cube and vinegar.

Begin by wetting the stain and start to gently rub in some of the dishwasher detergent, then rub over the stain with an ice cube like you are scrubbing the stain out.

For the remaining stain left over blot with vinegar, the acidity of the vinegar will cut through any leftover stains. After this is completed continue to launder as normal.

#3 Salt

Salt is the perfect natural stain remover as it is available almost anywhere, the best solution if you’re out for dinner and spill something down yourself.

For example; A gravy stain can be removed with salt, if treated instantly pouring salt over a fresh gravy stain should disappear after around 15 minutes. Pour salt over the stain and leave so the salt has time to soak up all the grease, after that, blot the stain with a damp napkin and your clothing should be as good as new.

Salt can also be used to brighten colours, so if you have any coloured items of clothing you wear regularly then wash them in a salt water solution to revamp any of your fading wardrobe items.
Salt In Bowl

#4 Lemon Juice

Although Lemon Juice is an excellent stain remover it should be handled with care as it can have the same properties as bleach, however, is a wonderful cleaning agent, especially on white clothes.

Lemon Juice can be used to remove stains such as, Ice cream, baby food and really resistant berry stains. To remove a berry stain simply wet the stain and coat in Lemon Juice, leave to sit for around 30 minutes depending on how bad the stain is. Then rinse and launder as normal.

This stain removal remedy is found as very useful and also leaves a very refreshing deodorising scent, however, as mentioned before you must be cautious that the Lemon Juice itself doesn’t stain your clothing.

#5 Dish Soap

Although dish soap does not sound like it could not be very useful in breaking down stains it is actually really effective.

Dish Soap has to be able to break things down as it has to tackle things like grease and other resilient substances in the washing up. Dish soap is really good at removing clothes that have been marked by oily or greasy food as it is designed to break down oil, Dish Soap can also be used to remove grass stains when mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide.

To remove stains with dish soap squirt a small amount on the spot you wish to treat and begin to scrub it with a brush or sponge, then rinse and launder as you typically would.

Another option is to soak the whole item of clothing in soapy water for a few hours and then rinse and launder as normal.
Dish Soap On Sponge

#6 Meat Tenderiser

Meat tenderiser can be used as a stain remover and works best on most protein based stains, such as blood, vomit, or any bodily fluids really.

A meat tenderiser is used to break down the proteins inside of meat to make it more tender and easier to chew.

Therefore, it does the same with stains and breaks down the proteins within them, making it easier to remove. To remove your stain, wet the desired area and sprinkle some of the meat tenderiser on top, allow your clothes to sit for half an hour and then launder as you normally would.


So there you have it the best organic method to remove any stain without paying a penny and without using any harsh harmful chemicals.

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Put your knowledge to the test and remove your stains single-handedly.