Can I dry clean anything?

At Eco Clean, we are a dry and wet cleaning company, you give us your garments and we will make them look and feel soft. On many occasion, we always get asked can I dry clean anything? A lot of the time customers will have misconceptions of how much they can actually dry clean, we love to help and advice our customers, to help make their life that little bit easier.

What can I dry clean?

  • Ugg Boots – A very tricky pair of shoes to keep clean, purely because of the texture and the style of the shoe. People assume that once these shoes get wet, then they won’t be able to turn back to how they bought them. That isn’t the case, we at Eco Clean Bedford will dry clean your Ugg boots for you, returning them to the comfy shoes they once were.
  • Formal Wear – We also specialize in dry cleaning formal wear, a beneficial service to go for if there is a special day coming up. Our team will make sure there are no creases and that your garments are left smelling fresh.
  • Bridal Wear – We understand the importance of a big day, therefore we offer bridal wear dry cleaning. Whether it is the wedding dress itself, or you want to get the bridesmaids dresses dry cleaned. They will be handed with the up most care and concern, and we will treat garment like it is our own.
  • What else can I have?

    Not only do we offer dry cleaning services, we also add on; Ironing, Laundry Services, Repairs and Alterations and House Hold Dry Cleaning. We decided to make your experience with us more worthwhile by adding on these little extras. We want you to go away feeling like we have completely satisfied your thoughts on what to expect with us.
    Therefore, if you know of a big day coming up, or one of your garments needs a special dry clean. Then pop in to see Eco Clean today, and we will be happy to help you.