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Dry Cleaning your wedding dress

After every woman’s big day, they do not simply forget all about their wedding dress and the memories that come with it. Instead, they cherish it. In our new article, we will be discussing why you should consider ‘Dry Cleaning your Wedding Dress’, to keep those memories fresh forever.

Dry Cleaning

Despite popular belief, dry cleaning is not just reserved for normal garments such as shirts and trousers it is for each and every piece of clothing there is, and dry cleaning is also very cost effective. Dry Cleaning something as precious as a wedding dress means they will be dealt with extra care and your dress will be nice and clean in no time. For more on ‘Dry Cleaning your Wedding Dress’, read our article.

Special Dress

A wedding dress is more than just a casual dress, it holds the memories of one of the most treasured days in a woman’s life. Wedding dresses have sentimental value, so they deserve to be treated with care, and no one will do that better than a dry cleaner! With Eco Clean MK you will be guaranteed a beautifully clean Wedding Dress professionally done by our team of experts.

Wedding Dress

Keeping your Dress

52% of brides keep their wedding dress after their big day, either in the back of a closet or stored away somewhere. To stop it from fading or getting damaged, why not have it dry cleaned? This will restore the wedding dress completely and return it to its former beauty and glory. The longer your neglect your wedding dress, the harder it is to remove the stains, so ensure you get it to the dry cleaners soon after your big day!

A big Journey

Your dress has most likely been through it all on your big day, from wine spills to chocolate fondue smudges but we are fully aware of the sentimental value these stains have. However, Eco Clean is the perfect way to clean your wedding dress while simultaneously preserving your precious memories of that day.

Dirty Wedding Dress

Our cleaning Technique

What makes us here at Eco Clean MK so different is our renowned cleaning technique. We are one of the few dry cleaning companies that use the environmentally friendly cleaning method; Wet Cleaning. Our cleaning process means every garment is cleaned using a safe, biodegradable detergent which brings about excellent results and caters very well to sensitive fabrics. To have your Wedding Dress Dry Cleaned in Milton Keynes, contact us today!