Eco Friendly Products Perfect For Everyday Use

In more recent years the economy and eco friendly processes are becoming more and more popular, meaning that eco friendly products are on the rising.

Are Eco Friendly Products Expensive?

Honestly, it’s dependant on the product, something like stainless steel water bottles instead of plastic bottles will save you money as you can reuse a steel water bottle over and over again. You can reuse plastic bottles, but they are not good for the environment, as when it comes to throwing them away, it could take them up to 1000 years to decompose.

But some eco friendly devices will initially cost quite a lot of money, but then will save you money in the long run. So it’s always worth investing in expensive items that will save you money in the future. One of the worst problems that this world faces is the low rates of recycling and plastic and rubbish littering that cause serious issues, as well as the greenhouse gases and a warmer climate.

So we have to do our best to preserve and save the world that we live in, along with all of the fantastic creatures here amongst us. So we’ve found some of the best eco friendly products that can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. So if you want to find out more, then keep reading!

1. Plastic Bags

In a new law change that swept across Britain a few years ago in attempt to minimise the amount of discarded plastic bags, the government tried to do their part for the economy. The 5p bag law shocked the nation, and many members of the public were overjoyed at this bold move to help the planet, while many others seemed very displeased. Regardless of the law change, plastic carrier bags are still awful for the environment as they litter the streets and cause distress and even death for thousands of animals.

Not only this but they take years to disintegrate meaning that they litter the earth and make thousands more animals victim to suffocation or bring caught in plastic rubbish. You can do your part to stop this by using cotton, paper or reusable bags, that are not harmful to the planet.


2. Recycled Clothes

Making clothing uses a lot of energy, every single item of clothing that you buy or that is displayed in shops has to go through a highly complex manufacturing process that uses copious amounts of water as well as electricity. By using recycled clothing when they aren’t wanted anymore you ensure that energy does not get wasted. It also means that large factories are then using less heavy machinery to produce so many items of clothing – resulting in a reduced carbon footprint. If you wanted to be really eco friendly then you can wet clean your clothes in bundles instead of wasting water in washing machines on a hot wash, this process is an eco friendly and more affordable alternative to dry cleaning Milton Keynes.

3. Eco Friendly Home Cleaners

Instead of using harmful chemical riddled home cleaners why not opt for something friendly for the environment and cheaper? Something like stain remover can be swapped in for something organic like white vinegar which is an eco friendly alternative to stain removers. Read how you can use white vinegar as a stain remover here.

red wine stain

4. LED Lightbulbs

Just like everything we have mentioned in this article, LED light bulbs were first introduced a few years ago but were expensive and limited, so they were not that popular. But in recent years there has been a surge in the sales of LED bulbs, and they’re only becoming more and more favoured and are being used by large corporate companies, industrial companies and even in shops, displays and mood lighting.

There are plenty of benefits of LED lighting so why not install them in your home? They produce 95% light energy and only 5% is wasted on excess heat energy, opposed to the typical light bulb that only produces a minimal 10% of light energy. So save money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint by using LED lighting!

5. Rechargeable Batteries

You might use batteries for children’s toys, in the mouse for your computer or TV remotes; either way, batteries are a real annoyance to get rid of. You can’t throw your batteries away with your regular household waste because they contain a high amount of harmful chemical ingredients. By throwing batteries in the bin with the rest of your garbage you are making a dangerous decision due to the fact that battery acid with all of its poisonous chemicals is harmful to humans and animals. Meaning that if any of their toxic substances accidentally make their way into water reserves, then the chemicals are strong enough to pollute it and make it unsafe to use.

So to avoid this annoying situation of not having anywhere to put old batteries you should use rechargeable batteries, they come with a battery charging machine and can be used as many times as you like – meaning that you don’t need to keep throwing batteries all of the time!

rows of batteries

6. Recycled Toilet Paper

Now, this is not as disgusting as it sounds, it’s actually great and one of the most common ways that people increase their carbon footprints. A byproduct of the sugar process called bagasse is the perfect candidate for a recyclable organic toilet paper material, if this product was not used for toilet paper, organic boxes or napkins then it would go to complete waste – and what use to the environment is that? The beauty of eco friendly processes is that they usually involve the leftovers of another product, which is what makes it so fantastic! Killing two birds with one stone! So no recycled toilet paper is not second hand it is just made out of organic products, and it is entirely 100% biodegradable.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint And Make Our Planet Healthy Again

So it’s time that we step up and do as much as possible to help the planet that we call home, if we keep overusing the earths natural resources and not making the most out of solar, wind and aquatic energy then we could be in serious trouble. All it takes is not using plastic products, not littering and recycling everything that you can to do your part in saving the world. You do not need to buy new clothes whenever they are damaged all you need is clothing repairs Bedford, and you don’t need a new water bottle every time you go for a run – use one you already have!

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