Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs – How?

Bed bugs are tiny in house pests that feed on human blood, although they sound dreadful they aren’t dangerous or disease carrying – just very irritating. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a long process, but we have a few tips for you to follow to make your extermination successful.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny little creatures that set up home within your bed, furniture or clothing. They like to be concealed and in small places so it could be very difficult to spot them, but when you’re asleep they come out and bite you and fill their bodies with blood.

Although it sounds awful they are harmless, but it’s very irritating, often because people end up discarding all of their belongings in attempt to rid themselves of these pesky parasites. Bed bugs wait until you fall asleep before they come out and feed, this process continues for between 3-10 minutes as they swell up and their bodies turn red, soon after they retreat back into hiding until tomorrow night.

So yes these aren’t the best thing to have in your home, but it’s easy enough to bring them into your property without realising, and it could happen to anyone. So the question on everybody’s minds is how can you get rid of these irritating pests? Well, keep reading to find out!

Stop The Biting

The first ultimate goal before getting rid of bed bugs is to prevent or minimise the bites, or you’re going to be constantly irritated. So if you cut out part of the chain, then it can’t continue. If you don’t sleep in your bed and sleep somewhere else to avoid being bitten, then the bed bugs food source is shut down, and they begin to starve.

In doing this when the bed bugs are starving, they are unable to reproduce, which then means the reproduction chain is broken and the bed bugs will die out – causing a natural extermination.

Get Them Out Of Your Bed

A bedbugs favourite place to dwell is your bed as it gives them the easiest access to your blood while you sleep, they can hide in your mattress, headboard, fringes in your bed sheets and the base of your bed.

Begin by stripping your bed of everything on it, put them in an airtight sealed bag to stop them escaping and spreading elsewhere. You can wash your sheets at home on a high heat setting to kill off the bugs however it is not always a guaranteed success.

It’s recommended that you take your bed sheets to a dry cleaners Milton Keynes for extra cleaning as bed bugs cannot survive the high temperatures and dry cleaning solvent, or intense heat drying that dry cleaning uses.

You should then use a hoover to clean your mattress and sheets to get rid of any bed bug eggs or left over bugs that could re-start the infestation. It would also be a good idea to use high pressure steaming on your mattress to kill off anything deep within your mattress, spray the framing of your bed in residual spray to kill the bugs. Next, you need to encase all your mattress and other things on your bed in bug proof lining to stop bugs entering or leaving, this is crucial and must be done otherwise there is the possibility of a reinfestation.

hoovering bed

Bed Bug Proof Your Bedroom

You’ve gone through the hassle of making sure that all the bed bugs are off your bed and cannot bite you in your sleep, so you need to keep this up and make sure that you don’t give them their food source back and don’t let them back into your bed.

Position your bed away from things like curtains, tables or chairs that could be the hiding place for bed bugs, if one of these make contact or are in reaching distance, then the bed bugs will be back. You should only have your bed legs touching the floor, nothing else. Insect interceptors are available for purchase to stop bedbugs making their way up towards your bed, the insect interceptors don’t allow bed bugs to climb up, and they will fall into the gap in between making it impossible for escape.

Now that your bed is bed bug-free you are able to address the rest of your room, try to monitor the amount of bed bugs you find in your insect interceptors and try to work out whether the number of bugs are reducing.

Get Into the Crevices

It’s possible for bedbugs to hide anywhere small and cramped, so you need to make sure you steam and Hoover all of these potential hideouts as well. Make sure none of your possessions are on the floor as it makes it more easy for surviving bed bugs to take shelter and lay eggs, store these items in a bin bag away from everything else for the time being and if there were any items of clothing steam and wash them at high temperatures.

Then hoover all of your carpets, window sills, corners of the room and skirting boards, you want to make sure you get everywhere possible. You should then throw out the contents of the hoover to avoid spreading any potential bed bugs.

woman dusting bookcase

Spray Potential Hiding Spots

Use both contact and residual sprays to kill off any potential new bed bugs that may hatch over the coming weeks, remember to put these products in areas that you will be able to touch or walk on as bed bugs are never in plain sight.

If you follow these steps religiously then you should be bed bug-free within a matter of weeks, however, if this all seems too time-consuming then you could always hire pest control to fumigate your home. But following these steps costs almost no money and is a lot cheaper than hiring an exterminator.


Bed bugs can be a pain, but if you follow these steps then you should be able to get rid of them relatively quickly, they are withstanding, but if you don’t forget to spray or position your bed near no materials, etc. then you should be fine.

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