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How To Make An Eco Friendly Business

As the year’s pass, becoming eco-friendly and everything green is increasingly more and more necessary. As well as the general public, it’s essential that both large and small scale businesses take part and create an eco friendly business.

Why Make An Eco Friendly Business?

The planet is being destroyed by malicious gases and landfills that we cause by throwing out copious amounts of non-biodegradable rubbish and toxic fumes from our cars and industrial plants. Although we need these things, we should all be going out of our way to be as eco-friendly as possible to reduce the damage caused by these harmful processes.

All of the plastic and toxic waste that we throw into thousands of landfills each year can find it’s way into our oceans, which is terrible news for us. Once rubbish finds it’s way into the sea it can float for hundreds of miles and injure some of our planets most precious marine wildlife. Every year hundreds and thousands of whales, dolphins, porpoises, turtles and even sharks are caught and killed by swallowing plastic rubbish or being caught up in them.

By making your business eco-friendly you can do your part for the planet and reduce the amount of waste and reduce your energy bills that cause harmful gases to be released into the atmosphere. So if you want to know how you can make your business better and more eco-friendly, then keep reading!

Keep A Close Eye On Any Stationary Or Office Equipment

If you own a business that is an office environment, it’s a good idea for you to keep a close eye on the usage of office stationery and office supplies. If a lazy employee drops a pen on the floor, it’s easier for them to just get a new pen out of their pot than taking the time to stretch down and get it. But when the cleaners come in, they aren’t going to put your stuff back for you, anything that’s on the floor is going to be put in the bin.

Order a certain amount of stationary each month, and keep track of what comes in and out of the stationary cupboard. That way you can prevent people unnecessarily throwing out pens, paper, books and staples out. If you don’t have the time to check this yourself, designate one of your trusted employees to regularly check the stationary cupboard and ensure that nobody is wasting office stationary or supplies.

As well as this you can do things like using reusable pens where you top up the ink or use pencils that have been recycled from things like CD cases and newspaper.

Commute To Work

Although this doesn’t make your business itself more eco-friendly, having your employees commute to work cuts down toxic emissions used by each person driving in. If your employees don’t like the sound of commuting, but you want to reduce your Carbon footprint then why not chip in for group bus/train passes – you can get them cheaper for businesses. Offer rewards for those employees that either walk, cycle or commute to work via public transport.

As well as this, you will save money on parking fees at corporate and office buildings, as well as dramatically decreasing your monthly expenses on fuel.

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Make The Most Of Dry/Wet Cleaning

If your business requires large amounts of washing materials such as in a restaurant where you will also have to provide your employees with work uniform. Don’t forget about dry cleaners Milton Keynes when cleaning your employees uniform, as well as your own and other material such as tea towels and more.

Wet cleaning is an eco-friendly process that does the same thing as dry cleaning – even providing better results without the toxic fumes or harmful chemicals. Read up more about wet cleaning here!

Make Sure Everything Is Turned Off Before Going Home

Of course in certain circumstances in office buildings, some things cannot be completely turned off as they’re syncing data or have to continually run and process things. However, things like computers, televisions and appliances should always be turned off before going home.

It may not seem like much, but by doing this, you can dramatically decrease your energy bills and save money, as well as the fact that it improves your health and safety by reducing the risk of electrical fires. Read up more here on how you can tighten up and prevent electrical fires in your home and workplace.

If you have an office kitchen, make sure appliances such as microwaves and kettles are turned off at the wall and unplugged. By switching them off at the wall although you are reducing the electrical current significantly, this doesn’t entirely switch off the appliance as there is still a tiny electrical current.

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Power Your Office In An Eco Friendly Way

There are more sources of electricity and energy that your simple electrical power source. Over the years plenty of alternative eco-friendly methods have been designed and approved to help power large-scale corporate buildings. Why not have solar panels installed on the roof of your building to help boost your organic electrical energy and to save money on your energy bills. Although solar panel installations can be costly, they will save you money in the long run.

And if you’re lucky enough to work by the sea or some water with a current, why not make the most out of it and generate some of your business energy from wave power? It might seem like a big project, but it can save your business money in the long run, whilst reducing carbon emissions.

Make Your Business Eco Friendly Today!

It might be a long process for you, dependant on which eco-friendly approach that you decide to take for your business. But overall not only are you improving your Carbon footprint within your business but you’re also saving money at the same time. For any eco-friendly dry cleaning Buckingham be sure to contact Eco Clean for an eco-friendly chemical-free wet cleaning process.

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