Dry Clean

Is your fabric dry clean friendly?

Many clothes can only be dry cleaned, as a normal will ruin the fabric, however most people will not know when a clothing item is dry clean only. Here are some of the signs to look out for to know if the clothes have to be dry cleaned.  

What fabrics a dry clean friendly?

Many dry cleans harm your fabrics and don’t leave them the same moisture and feeling they did before giving you that awful experience however knowing the type of materials and fabrics can be very useful and essential. Many materials such as silk, velvet and wool can be dry cleaned as these materials are very sensitive and need to be taken specific care of to prevent damage.

What fabrics are not dry clean friendly?

Many fabrics don’t necessarily need to be taken in to the dry cleaning they can also be washed at home or they don’t react very well to the dry cleaning hence bringing them there wouldn’t be a good essential. Materials such as Nylon, polyester can be washed at home carefully to prevent damages. Many materials can also be very sensitive towards the dry cleaning and they can be hand washed at home with great care.

What to look out for

What to look out for when dry cleaning is to watch out for the sensitivity of the material as some of the clothes ad fabrics are overly sensitive and as they get exposed to after they can shrink and become a lot smaller than anticipated. Some fabrics only need a gentle wash due to stains where as some need a full dry clean being aware of the type of material that is you need to be very careful to what material you want to dry clean to prevent all damages.