The Benefits Of Wet Cleaning

Dry Cleaning is one of the easiest ways of getting your clothes properly cared for without any hassle – especially items of clothing that you would like to preserve without damage such as wedding dresses. However dry cleaning uses a variety of harmful chemicals that can stay on your garments, so at Eco Clean Milton Keynes we not only supply general dry cleaning in Milton Keynes, but we also brought in a new safer form of cleaning called wet cleaning.

What Is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning uses state of the art, sophisticated machines. And it has the same results as dry cleaning, except for the primary solvent for this process is water! So what are the benefits of wet cleaning? What is so great about it? Well in this article we will inform you of the main advantages of wet cleaning and the process we go through to give you the best results.

The Process

The wet cleaning process is relatively straightforward, using high-end state of the art wet cleaning machines we are able to safely clean any articles of clothing no matter how sensitive or unique the material may be. Wet cleaning uses water combined with a safe, biodegradable detergent to clean items of clothing.

With our computer controlled machines, we can monitor the temperature your clothes are washed at, the drum rotation rhythms and detergent dosing levels so that your items of clothing are cleaned safely without a chemical after smell. Our machines also finish with an optimised spin cycle that can measure the amount of moisture, so it can be worked out how long your clothes should be dried for, meaning that your clothes aren’t over dried and we save energy. Because your clothes are washed in a water-based solution at various temperatures, at our store, we have specialised machines that ensure none of your clothes shrink when they’re in the hands of our staff, and we also have tools that guarantee your clothes stay in the same shape.

Can Be Used On Delicate Materials

Wet cleaning can be used on all items of clothing even if the label states it can be washed dry clean only. The solvents and products used in wet cleaning contain no harsh chemicals and will not damage your clothing; wet cleaning is gentler than dry cleaning so it can be utilised on almost any materials. A lot of customers that use our dry cleaning in Milton Keynes say that their clothes come back a lot cleaner and fresh.
delicate wedding clothes hung up

Stain Removal

Dry cleaning’s chemical solvent is based on a grease dissolving solution that is used to remove harsh stains, whereas wet cleaning simply involves water combined with a biodegradable detergent making it really good at removing stains. Stains such as sweat or dirt can be eliminated with this cleaning method really easily as opposed to the dry cleaning process that would most likely have a lot more difficulty doing this.

Environmentally Friendly

Wet cleaning helps avoid paying out landfill fee’s due to its biodegradable cleaning agent, and prevents companies from dumping harmful toxic chemicals into the planet, so the earth chemical landfill rate is reduced by just changing to a more simple and safer form of cleaning.

Not only this but a wet cleaning cycle can use up to 40% less water than your typical wash cycle and from temperatures as little as 20 degrees! So wet cleaning not only helps the environment but it can also help you save money and energy!
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Healthier For Staff

A lot of dry cleaning staff are always exposed to the harmful gases given off from the dry cleaning process. A gas called PERC is produced, and it is highly damaging to both humans and the planet. PERC, when exposed to people, can cause a lot of problems in the liver and kidneys which can flare up due to minimal amounts of inhalation, and the stench of PERC is so terrible it can linger in a persons breath for weeks after exposure!

With wet cleaning, there are no harmful chemicals! Meaning our staff are not exposed to PERC and that all of our employees at Eco Clean Milton Keynes are kept happy and healthy!

Fresh Clothes

Have you ever had your clothes dry cleaned, and you just can’t get rid of that chemical dry clean smell? It’s not pleasant and can make you feel like your not fresh when wearing your clothes. Wet cleaning ensures your clothes come out more refreshing than ever and leave a clean, fresh scent as opposed to a chemical burnt in stench. This is because wet cleaning has eliminated the use of solvents and is based on pure water and biodegradable detergent that leave your clothes pristine and smelling amazing.
woman holding clean pile of folded clothes

Easy To Master

Some may say the process of dry and wet cleaning is complex and hard to understand, but truth be told it’s quite simple, and a lot of people who work in wet cleaning plants claim it’s significantly easier to use. It has fewer ingredients, and despite being under more controlled instructions, most wet cleaning machines are controlled by computers to command them what to do. It’s an ingenious method, and it allows the devices to change temperature and spin speed.

These wet cleaning machines also increase the speed of which a cleaning and drying process can be carried out, and a customer’s clothes are typically returned within the same day!


So there you have it! The eco-friendly, safe solution to keeping your clothes in tip top shape without any harm coming to the planet around you!

We offer these wet cleaning services at Eco Clean Milton Keynes, and we also offer a variety of other services for your clothing needs such as dry cleaning in Milton Keynes, clothing repairs, alterations, ironing, household dry cleaning and wedding and formal wear wet cleaning. We hope this article inspired you to do something to help out the planet around you, and if you enjoyed this article then why not share?